Although often neglected during shopping, the toilets are as important as the utility of the showers and the overall design of your bathroom.

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That's why we consider the importance of it and we demonstrate it by offering you a wide variety of styles and versions.

That is to say, we have standard two-piece toilets and a majority in the monohulled.

As well, for the more adventurous, we have suspended toilets and electric ones with a bidet included.

Still in the middle of a high-end center, our toilets offer flush performance that is excellent. From 800g to 1000g to avoid blockages and have better disposal of waste.

In addition to it all, they have an optional double hunt for saving water. Also, on the installation side, they are all standard to allow you to have peace of mind when posing it.

On the comfort aspect, attention was also paid. That's why our bowls are generally elongated. For the electric toilet, the seat is even heated.

All our models are equipped with a slow closing mechanism to avoid the jump when closing the lid! Also, for ease of cleaning, the seats have, in this same mechanism, pushers to remove them with ease.

For the variety, we offer toilets of all kinds. Either more modern and contemporary or others that are more traditional looking.

To be as one with your bathroom, our designs are varied and allow you to make the choice of vanity, shower and bath without having to worry about how your toilet will affect your room.

MonCost | Toilettes | Toilets