The top-of-the-range showers with pure, simple and clean design sold by Moncost are equipped with a rolling system made of the most sought-after materials in terms of quality, looks and reliability.

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With its stainless steel and solid brass, the reliability of our showers is formidable.

Not to mention the fact that we have shower glasses of 10 and 12.5 millimeters thick to offer you the best quality, regardless of the situation.

We also have sliding bath doors. Made for a standard 60-inch bath, our beautiful bath doors are equipped with hardware made of the same materials as our showers.

For a balance between a curtain and a shower, see the elite bath doors we have, which like showers, have a pure design that is simply the best.

Although the usual hardware is in a chrome finish, we offer the option of having it in matte black.

This design gives value to your bathroom. Your bath as your shower will be the items that will turn heads when your relatives and your friends will be visiting. You will have the opportunity to have the bathroom of your dreams and your renovations will be worth!

We have standard sizes so that your renovations are simple and efficient, but we also have the prices to make them affordable. You will fall in love with the smooth running of the mechanism and its outstanding quality.

With the thicknesses of 10 and 12.5 millimeters, the sensation during the movement of the door is expressed in no other word than: quality.

You will know that in a decade you will look at your shower in the same way as when you used it the first day.

MonCost | Douches | Showers