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Fill any wall with stylish mirrors and not only will you make a striking statement, you’ll give everyone a spot to check themselves out.

Looking to create an impact in your home that’s a true reflection of the people who live there?

Mirrors have a way of setting a polished tone in any decor, adding light and life to its surroundings.

Featured on its own on a wall or mixed in with other pieces to create an on-trend gallery wall installation, a mirror will be the dazzling element in any space.

When it comes to choosing a mirror, think about the style of your room. More minimalist?

Try a sleek-lined design. Rustic cabin. Also take a mirror’s use into consideration when selecting a size. Not only will it reflect light in your space and give you a spot for grooming, it’ll make an artful impact in your decor.

Our built-in mirrors offer a luxurious touch to the modern bathroom. For a more classic style, we have a multitude of choices that fit well with your vanity

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MonCost | Miroirs | Mirrors