Our kitchen cabinets are chosen and / or drawn with reflection. We try to meet all expectations.
Such as the storage, the 'look', the quantity and location of the drawers, the sizes, and so on.

MonCost | Cabinets

We have a great selection of cabinets in order to answer, as much as possible, to everyone's needs.

Our strength, which is to have several different models: classic, contemporary, modern, timeless, ground, suspended, on legs. As well as a variety of color according to the taste of the day.

The cabinets materials vary according to the cabinets models, some are made of 100% wood (essence: Hevea (rubberwood), walnut ...), some chipboard (The wood chipboard also called sintered wood or simply sintered refers to any engineered wood made from fibers or wood particles that have been agglomerated with a binder, under pressure and heat.) Sometimes a mixture of both.

Since we are not only an importer but also a manufacturer, there is always the possibility of having a cabinet built according to your criteria in our cabinetmaking work shop.

When we go towards the choice of 'custom-made' the limits go with your budget.

The choice of percentage of gloss, from matte to lacquered, the choice of door model completely flat, 'Shaker', or even super classic. As well as a wide choice of materials, wood, veneer or fibreboard medium density (MDF) or high density (HDF) or even polyester. In such a case, an appointment to serve you will be required. Regarding the installation, regardless of the type of cabinet, our consultants will be happy to give you the details required to prepare well. Our happiness will be that you can enjoy your purchase that has been chosen with great care and attention to last a long time.

MonCost | Cabinets

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